Skyda II Portable Vaporizer – What is It?

The Skyda II portable vaporizer is new in the USA. It looks like the Iolite in many ways, but is quite different. It is not a copy! The heat source is a nickel cadmium battery which is, of course, rechargeable. The Iolite uses butane, which is also a carcinogen, is a which cannot be used in some instances. Butane lighters are not allowed on airplanes, not even in checked luggage. So it stands to reason that an Iolite vaporizer would also be disallowed. The Skyda II, however, would not be subject to those rules.

The Skyda II is very well made. It is manufactured of molded plastic, is lightweight and easy to carry. The heat source, as mentioned earlier, is rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries. The unit fits easily in a pocket or purse, either with or without the carrying case that comes with it. It will fit nicely in a small hand without feeling cumbersome and unwieldy, yet doesn’t feel dainty in any sense of the word.

When using the Skyda II, you must first grind your herb or tobacco finely and place loosely in the chamber on the mouthpiece which has been removed from the unit. The mouthpiece is then reattached. To heat the herb, push the button on the side. The blue LED light will come on to show you that the unit is heating. After 90 to 120 second, push the button again to turn the unit off. All that remains is to slowly inhale the beneficial vapor. The Skyda II will remain warm for a few minutes or you can reheat if you need more vapor. Under normal use, the batteries should last all or most of the day.

When the Skyda II is discharged, plug the included charger into the unit and then into the wall. A red light will indicate that the unit is charging. Once full charge is reached (about 3 hours), the light will turn green and the unit can be unplugged from the wall and then the Skyda is ready to use again. This is much simpler than struggling to refill a butane chamber. Certainly an improvement!

Very little maintenance is required on the Skyda II portable vaporizer. The filling chamber should be cleaned regularly as well as the heating chamber. Brushes are included in the box to allow for easier cleaning. The outside of the Skyda can be wiped with a soft, clean, damp cloth.

The Skyda II can also be a solution for those who are trying to quit smoking. Using the vapor of the tobacco, rather burning the same material is certainly much healthier for the smoker and everyone around them. I highly recommend giving the Skyda II Portable Vaporizer a try. Even the manufacturer has written “portable therapy vaporizer” on the box. To me that means it is meant for healthful vaporization of herbs. Since it is manufactured in China I’m sure they intended it for the therapeutic use of herbs.

In conclusion, a Skyda II portable vaporizer is a wise choice for anyone wanting a healthy, safe unit to vaporize their herbs. It provides many hours of vaporizing pleasure and can be taken with you anywhere.

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